Wine tasting dogs

  1. Recently I've given him a (red) wine cork just for smelling, just to see how he liked wine, and he licked it like :drool:. We were just shocked... So to make sure that he liked wine and not the cork, I dipped my finger into the wine and let him taste it, he almost ate my finger :drool:.

    I was soooo speechless and amused. SO said he's becoming cultured - fine wine and dinner together.

    I dont' know, you'll probably smack me for poisoning him. So far he might have drank 5 drops of wine, 1 drop from each bottle. I'm embarrassed to share this with the vet - s/he may end up taking me to jail on the spot.

    Does anyone here know if wine is bad / damaging to the dog? As much as I want to see him drunk:roflmfao:, I want him to have a long happy healthy life at the same time.
  2. You answered your own question. Also, grapes and raisins are extremely toxic to dogs.
  3. Yeah not a good idea to give your doggie alcohol - although quite humurous that he actually liked it!
  4. I cant believe he liked it. But more wine for the doggy. Grapes are really bad for them too, I didnt know that until I was telling my vet how much my dogs liked grapes. She about killed me on the spot:noggin::lecture::bagslap:
  5. my dogs drink tons of Beer. that is doggie beer.
  6. I had a similar experience, but w/ my cat.

    She is crazy for grapes, and will eat the skins too. It wasn't until my vet informed me that they were toxic (:wtf:) that I found out it wasn't good for her. Darn cat! It seems that more unhealthy a food is, the more she likes it.

    I wonder if any other fruits are no-nos for animals?
  7. <---that?? hmm..
    When my dog was a puppy she suddenly went crazy for beer. Like, she'd hear a beer can open and come running. And attack whoever had it. It was pretty bad. dogs&alcohol
  8. I'm glad I read this post!!! I had no idea wine was bad for dogs. My dog is like yours mc, she like wine. If I leave an empty glass on the coffee table she will jump onto the table (she's small) and try to lick the inside of the glass. I don't think she has actually consumed much but I will have to be more careful.
  9. No wine or grapes for doggies! Alcohol & grapes are both really bad for dogs.

    On a side note, my dog likes wine too! If there's a wine glass on the table, he'll lick the stem & if there's a cork on the kitchen counter, he'll jump up & try to steal it. It's not uncommon for me to have to wrestle the cork out of his mouth.
  10. I have always thought that animals are actually good at pointing out things that they should not eat. I mean, isn't this one of the most basic survival skills in nature? lol I guess not for domestic animals in this case.

    Jayjay, it's so sad, we could have a doggie wine tasting party LOL. Fortunately, mine is not allowed to go on top of any surface above ground level except for his bed.
  11. My pug Minnie, adores wine! White wine, lagar, beer, sparkling wine and champagne. She always comes up to the glass and tries to stick her nose in (lol, she cant because she hasn't got one!) So we always put our finger in and let her have a bit! x