Wine Rm Bag Owners..

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  1. I know that a lot of you have just ordered RM bags in the beautiful color WINE, and that a lot of you were turned on by this color after spotting the photo of Vanessa Hudgens with hers and her fabulous matching scarf. This may not seem all to exciting in the midst of the New Fall lineup announcement but I wanted to let you know that I found a matching scarf that is most likely easily accessible by most of you.
    I was in American Apparel earlier today and they have a variety of Pima Cotton scarves in tons of colors. One of those colors is a deep, beautiful Wine that will go PERFECTLY with your new bag.

    Just thought I'd give you ladies a heads up if you don't already have that perfect matching scarf!!

  2. awww! thanks littlerock :flowers: would they have it online you think?
  3. Oh! And the best part is- it's cheap, only about $16 or so. I bought it, even though I don't own a wine bag yet, in hopes that someday I will. If anyone wants to see the color I will be more than happy to post pics tomorrow.

    deeliciouz- They should have it online but like I said (above) I will take photos of mine and post it tomorrow. It's a little late tonight.. but I will def. tomorrow!
  4. Ooohh thanks so much for the heads up! I'll have to drop by there after work sometime.... too bad they aren't conveniently located near my work! :cursing:
  5. ooh thanks! I've been DYING for one of these!
  6. :sad: I can't find it online...
  7. Here is the link to the scarves on the AA site:

    I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out which color it is though- the closest so far is the Cranberry but I'm comparing mine to the one shown and mine is a deaper wine color but very close. I threw the tag away so I can't say for sure but I'll call my local AA store an ask them what the official name is. I'll also post pics of mine when I get home from work. I just took a few pics and the flash lightens the color a bit so I'm thinking that maybe that's why the cranberry doesn't look as rich as mine in real life. But a guarantee you the scarf is a perfect match.. it's just gorgeous!

    Check back for my pics at about 7pm or so EST.
  8. Thanks littlerock! I might just stop by the store myself. I'm glad I have my Wine MAM with me for comparison... :yahoo:
  9. Oh my.. Is the model (almost) naked on the picture? Is that her nipple?
  10. suetje, yes the model is almost naked in the picture. American Apparel does most of it's photos like that.
  11. I see.. i didnt know that. Thanks!
  12. Dee if you stop by withy our wine bag will you let us know? Thanks, Lady!
  13. I just confirmed with the sales associate at AA that it is in fact the CRANBERRY color. It isn't as pink in person as it looks on the website.. it is more a deep wine color ( a blue red).. Ladies, please post back about whether it matches!! I really hope :sweatdrop:(and believe) that it will but if it doesn't I'm sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase in advance!:yes:

    Let us all know!

  14. Will do! I just looked online and there's a store right by my office. :woot: I'm going there today at 4:30. Let's see if I can sneak out for a little while... :ninja:
  15. I don't have the wine, but it is so sweet of you to post this!!! :smile: