Food Wine recs or favorites?


Jul 5, 2016
I have been learning more about wine lately and would love to hear everyone's favorites and recs. My favorites so far are Tokaji, Yquem [I enjoy dessert wines a lot] and red Chateauneuf du pape. Does anyone have any recs, whether it be white, red or dessert? Or even Port : )


May 19, 2019
Hi Kate212:

It sounds like you like sweet wines - try the wines on the sweeter side rather than the drier side from Oliver wines. I really like their wines. You may like the Sweet Red or the Moscatos.

You can also try to find the Cherry Moscato at Costco if you are a member or sometimes some of their wines are found at your local Specs or grocery store - not the full line but only a select few. It's really worth a try! I love them! Hope to go to their winery one day!