Wine pebbled glossy

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  1. More breaking news Jackie can also locate wine pebbled glossy which is very similar to this prada bag photographed. I think it would make a lovely WTM any thought ladies

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  2. I bet it would make a nice wtm! I'm thinking a big old hug me in large, tho!
  3. I'm thinking Hug Me too, but small size for me.
  4. That is really lovely but I have run into rather an excess of purple/red and red/purple bags so may have to give this a miss.
  5. I love it!!! A WTM would be wonderful
  6. Oh-Though I would like either the eggplant or pale blue in the Cervo, I would prefer a Hug me in this leather.
  7. Dark green or a subdued aquamarine Cervo Luxe would take my eye if such leathers existed.

    I have 3 Hug Mes and think that is really sufficient. I wonder what Hobo 2 would be like in this leather?
  8. Sign me up for the wine pebbled glossy! Of course, I'd need a little more info. first. For ex., how similar is the color to the wine glossy BE has been using. But I think it's very likely I'll want something in this.
  9. ooh, my eyes, too!!

    hobo no. 2, it would be delish!
  10. I would LOVE a large HM in the pebbled wine!

    My girlfriend just gave me a nice compliment on my large HM. I"ve been wearing it these past couple days as my everyday bag and I"m really loving it. I can see myself with the wine. Oh dear! Here we go again.;)
  11. I'm already thinking about a TME, although I'm getting a black glossy TME so maybe something else...
  12. What about the proposed TMA Midi that has gone so quiet?
  13. Rose, Rose - you're killing me here;) Wow -I like that a lot!!! Must add to my swatch list.
  14. Here's another pic!

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  15. #15 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Oh man. This is hot. I'm in too. Would 3 Hug Mes be too many?

    Maybe it is a good idea to wait and see what Hobo 2 looks like.