wine or leaf....can't decide!

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leaf or wine mam

  1. leaf

  2. wine

  3. can't dangerously and get both ;)

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  1. Well, I purchased the Coral MAM from the OSS and I am just not that in love with it. I want a darker jewel colored bag and can't decide between leaf or wine. Leaf I think is more fun and distinct but wine is very classy and both colors would work in well with my wardrobe HELP! Of the 2 which is more smooshy and softer? THANKS for your help! Is there any other colors I should be looking for???
  2. For refernce right now my RM collection is pretty small. I have: Pepper Mini Nikki, Steel Rocker, Royal Nylon MAM (which I actually love) and neon trio pouches :smile:
  3. Hard choice since I love em both!! But if it were me, I'd go with wine, it just fits my wardrobe better I think.
  4. Sheesh! Those are two of my favorite colors and from teh looks of it your collection could use both a red and a green color!

    I say BOTH!
  5. Leaf!
  6. Oops.. I voted wrong. Meant to hit the "get em both" option :lol:
  7. Good question, I wonder too, which one is smooshier?
  8. Leaf is smooshier right off the bat but wine breaks in nicely.

    Leaf is a lamb leather and wine is cow. Lamb tends to be almost always be smooshy right from the getgo.
  9. Wine! Get wine!!
  10. Wine for sure!

    or both if you can get a good deal on both.
  11. Leaf MAM!!!

    & Wine MAC

    (oh.... was the MAC not an option?? - :rolleyes:)
  12. Wine, for sure....
    I have been using my Wine MAM all week and I always find myself gazing at her and thinking how totally gorgeous she is!!!

    ...admittedly, I do not have anything in/ have never seen leaf, but was told that the newest green "envy" color is TDF and is deeper/richer than the leaf....
  13. I'm liking envy better myself...although my fave is evergreen.
  14. If you can only get one, I'd choose WINE. If you can swing it, get both!
  15. Pick Wine! It's classic Rebecca Minkoff. You can't go wrong with it.