wine or dark grey?? help me choose!!

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  1. SOO... i *shouldn't* get both MACs, so i must choose. actually, i kind of already chose wine, but the dark grey is still haunting me. :sad: i'm a sucker for sig. HW MACs -- just LOVE the look. but i just got a black one this month...

    so... if YOU had to choose, which one would you get?

    and crazy minkettes, "both" is not an option! :nuts:
  2. #2 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    OOPS -- sorry if i put this in the wrong thread :sad: can someone move it for me? thanks.
  3. I would go with wine! I love mine to bits and pieces :yes:
  4. if i could... i would get the WINE! ;)
  5. If you already have black then definitely go for wine!
  6. thanks girls for voting! :smile:
  7. wine!
  8. I fifth the vote. You'd be surprised at how much Wine goes with.
  9. Thanks so much gals! I'm glad I made the right choice! :smile:
  10. dk gray...i love all grays!
  11. I think for a smaller bag like MAC, wine is perfect!

    I have one of each in MAMs and love the DG just a tiny bit more. :smile:
  12. I vote wine, too!
  13. Definitely Wine!!:yes:
  14. I'm one of the minority who doesn't really dig the Wine, so I say Dark Grey!
  15. Dg!