Wine On A Budget

  1. I thought it would be fun to start a thread specifically on wines that are cheap in price, but priceless in taste. Under $20? $15?

    I'm no wine snob, but I'd also enjoy reading everyone's impressions of the wines. What is it about these wines that makes you enjoy them so? :yes:

    I'll start with the Cartlidge & Browne Chardonnay 2004 ($12), which Robert Parker says is "probably one of the two best Chardonnay values in the world."
  2. For wines below $20 I say Yellow Tail wines. They definately aren't bad for the price. I like the Shiraz Carbernet blend. :yes:
  3. Smoking Loon has really great wines for under $15. I love their Merlot.
  4. There are actually some fabulous French and AUSTRIAN wines that are in that price range and just slightly higher.
  5. i'm quite fond of nobilo sauvignon blanc and it's 55dkk here so umm i guess just under $10. i probably wouldn't have tried it had it not been for drinking it in a restaurant a few weeks earlier (at a muuuuuch higher price obviously).. i knew i'd like it since i like pretty much every decent kiwi sauvignon blanc.
  6. Penfolds (Australia) Shiraz/Cab is always stocked in the wine rack here.
  7. Louis Jadot Beaujolais ($10)-fantastic wine

    I like several other brands from Beaujolais and I like Rioja region wine as well.
  8. OMG, if you LOVE red wines, you have to buy Simmons Winery Sweet Autumn Red. It's delicious! It's not spicy and it's not bitter, it's almost like drinking grape juice. Every time I'm around a store that carries it, I snap up a couple bottles. It's only $9.45, and taste better than any other red wine I've tasted. My wine cabinet it full of it.

    Our Wines - Autumn Sweet Red

    My favorite white wine is called Relax Riesling. It's a German wine. I always pick it up at Whole Foods Mart if you have one of those there. It's about $11 a bottle.

    Welcome to Schmitt Söhne!
  9. I had just come back in here to mention that. Penfolds is one of my faves for under $20
  10. I highly recommend Clos Du Val Cabernet (Napa Valley) for an under $20 value. I think you can find it at Costco sometimes and it is $17 a bottle.
  11. If Italian is more your style...

    Rating: 88pts. Valley Wine & Spirits
    Review: Ruby red in color, with complex fruit aromas and flavors of dark berry and cherries, with a dry medium bodied finish.


    This is another great red wine at $10 or under a bottle...good for stocking up. It has less 'bite' than Chianti or Cabernet and is just a good all around wine to have. Even people who don't like red wine end up liking this one!
  12. I believe $10-$14 wines are known as "Fighting Varietals" because there are so many wines in the price category that competition is stiff, leading to better wines for us! There are some great Spanish and Latin American wines that are a little off the beaten track, but excellent in taste and value!

    I took all my elective courses in college on enology! lol I love wine!
  13. Forest Glenn Merlot...very good decanted or the next day after opening! Only $5-7 a bottle!!! It is a must for big party's, we have used it for gallery openings and everyone loved it!
  14. Also Beringer White Zinfandel / Chardonnay it is a great mix.