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  1. Hi! I'm planning to fund my first RM bag and I'm just in love with the Wine Nikki. I don't really have much of a choice but to buy it from the RM website but it says it's for pre-order of 8/20. and since it's now past that date, does that mean that they no longer have stock? Like, are they going to set another date for the people who buy it after 8/20?

    I'm still dealing with the pros and cons of buying it, since I live in Asia but right now, even with the problem with different textures of leather with the bag that people seem to have, I'm still leaning towards getting it. imperfections be damned.LOL
  2. hi!

    first of all, you have picked a classic, a fantastic bag to start off your RM experience (and it's an experience, trust me, ha ha ha)...but I would sadly not recommend buying from They charge more for shipping and have been missing several order dates lately. There are several other web retailers who have this bag already in stock, and who have excellent customer service. I would recommend trying Petulia's Folly in Philadelphia (website), for one -- I think that you can even return the bag to them if you don't like it since it's not a pre-order.

    Hope that this helps, and good luck!!! ;)
  3. Thanks so much for the advice, Loquita. I will be checking out Petulia's Folly!
  4. There is also one up on ebay right now that you can buy, and get 15% cashback on!