Wine Nikki - HELP!!!

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  1. :lol:okay not sure what to do I received my wine nikki today from Bluefly and yes it was a great deal, however, I know everybody loves this color but I still have my heart set on the chocolate stonewash nikki that is on the rebecca minkoff website, however, I really didn't want to spend the 600.00 i just don't know if the wine will go with everthing but it certainly is beautiful. HELP !!!

    Wondering what I should do!!!!???? My BF thinks I've become crazy and obsessive over RM bags. LOL
  2. i totally love the wine color.. it does go with a lot of clothes in my opinion. but i knwo when u have ur heart on a certain color its hard to get that our ur mind. i know rebecca will be havin a sample sale in may. so the nikki in brown im sure will be on there since its still on the website. i would keep searchin if thats what u truley want. but the wine is also a beautiful bag. tough decision!!! do u have any pics?
  3. Stick that baby up on the bay.... it will sell for retail for sure since it's such a hot item... then get the one you really want.
  4. Yes if you odn't love it put it on ebay I am sure it would fetch close to retail!
  5. GIRL- are you outta your mind :wtf:

    LOL if you like the wine color i'd definitely keep it. It goes with A LOT more than you would think!

    But like the other ladies said, if you don't LOVE it, then put it on ebay, so that one of the ladies still dying for one can have a shot at it! Plus it has the old hardware which a lot of the ladies still are in search of!
  6. Put it up for sale and get the one you are dreaming about.
  7. I think you should think about it for a few days because it is such a hard bag to find (with the original hw!) so you don't want to regret selling it too quickly!

    But if after a few days, you still feel the same way, sell it off (which will be easy!) and use that $$ for another RM!

  8. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: :angel:

  9. I agree, optikangel. A few days ago, I wanted to get rid of my Eggplant MAM. But now, I think that I want to keep it. It's easy to change your mind, but not so easy to get the bag back once you've sold it.

    But if you do decide to sell, we all will be fighting tooth and nail on ebay to win the auction!:boxing:
  10. Maybe you should order the chocolate on the RM site (assuming it's returnable) to make sure you love it. Then decide which one to return or sell.
  11. put it up on ebay and buy the one you want with the profits.
  12. Definitely just hold onto it a bit... It's happened to me before when I bought a bag, didn't like it, and didn't get the chance to return it for a couple days... and then ended up falling in love with it and keeping it.
  13. If you love it but are only concern about "if it goes with everything" I will keep got it for a good price and is a beautiful bag. I think you can still wear that bag with a lot of colors.
  14. Order the other first. It's different when you see a bag in person. Who knows? If you don't like it, then you still have the wine. THE WINE is a beautiful color in any RM bag I think. If not put it on ebay and that will help pay for the other bag too.