Wine MAB

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  1. Is there anywhere I could find a wine MAB with new hardware? If not, do you guys think I should just get a Black MAB?

    What size do you think is best...Im thinking of using this as an everyday bag and sometimes may need to put more than my everyday needs thats why im thinking i would be better off with the MAB...

    Please let m know,
  2. Any wine bag is very difficult to find these days. But RM makes so many different colors.. If you like red, I would recommend Scarlet! We have reference thread that you could check out the colors!
  3. wine has more purple in it than deep red/scarlet. It looks just like the 'wine' color. very pretty.But it is a VERY hard to find bag. Scarlet has distress and slightly glazed leather... many of you probably dont know. Scarlett Johanson owned the MAM in scarlet.. I thought that was really cool! and that was the reason I bought the bag.. and discovered it is truely an amazing bag!

    I am not sure about deep red.. maybe girls here can tell u more about it
  4. I think your best bet is ebay and ecrater for the wine MAB with new hw...though I think there wasn't many of those made...
  5. Regarding the size, I have MAMs and they are PLENTY big enough for me. So it would depend on if you like large bags and whether you want that extra slouch from the bigger size. My MAM can fit wallet, large cosmetic pouch, keys, iphone, earmuffs, good-size novel, card case, and water bottle with room to spare.
  6. I must recommend a MAM, the MABs are quite large for an everyday bag. You can fit a ton into an MAM! =) I love 'em!
  7. I would say the MAM also! I own both and i don't think there is MUCH of a size difference. I enjoy them both...

    The new cranberry is a great alternative too! I LOVE THIS!

  8. Hehe, Desi, you are posting this baby everywhere!!! I am enjoying seeing it every place I go. :heart:
  9. ... and am quite enamored by this bag (cranberry)...

    aa12, I will keep my eyes peeled for you!
  10. ^ How cool. The tassels are shortened this season?
  11. I really like the mixed hardware with short tassels. and you get free strap too!
  12. ^ free strap?!?! how cool! I wonder how close this color is to the Wine.. I might get mum this for Mother's Day if I can't get my hands on a Wine MAM by then.
  13. hehe i know! I love the cranberry!
  14. whats Catalina??
    I was also intersted in the Devote tote with studs lol its soo hard to choose!