Wine & Louis Vuitton

  1. So my boyfriend who is a wine sales rep said there is going to be a wine coming out that comes with an authentic Louis vuitton bag. Its a special promotion. They are not out yet, so he doesn't know what the bag looks like. But it sounds like its going to be an awesome promotion. Anyone else heard about this?
  2. hmm I haven't heard of it but im definetly on the list:nuts: allthough there has allready been a botle of cognac with a louis vuitton bag by don perignon in vachetta...
  3. Oooh Thanks for the information!
  4. Just found out- its going to be with veuve-clicquot. Its not out yet, I tried to google it to see if I could find more information, but I couldn't. My BF said he would show me a picture of the bag tonight, but it sounds like its going to be a great deal!
  5. Thanks for the info. Be sure to post a pic.
  6. whoaaa i can't wait to see pics!
  7. That makes sense; I believe Veuve is owned by LVMH. At every LV event I've gone to that's the brand of champagne that has been served.

  8. ^ it's alway been Moet at the one's I've been to
  9. oooh interesting!
  10. yes veuve is owned by lhmh. every year they do a limited edition bottle with a case designed by an artist or designer. the most famous has been their pucci bottle. i still want to get my hands on one. i look forward to seeing the lv edition! thanks for the info.
  11. How cool!!
  12. I want to see it! Pics please if possible! ;)
  13. Cool
  14. cool!~ please post up more info when you find out. ^_^
  15. How interesting! I see that it comes with a bag, but was coming in to say what a great excuse LV wine would be to buy a Noe! :amuse: