wine leather


Jan 9, 2008
Hi RM Experts,

I've been reading the wine threads (very entertaining!) and think I want to order a wine nikki. Can you gals comment on the type of leather on the wine. Is it the real matte, soft and smooshy leather, or does it have a light glaze (like my matinee in midnight/pewter)? In the many pictures, it looks like the leather is not as soft as that on the night bleu or the yellow nikki's - or is it just the way it photographs? Also, I've noticed that there seems to be several shades of wine (some more red, some more berry) - do they vary a lot?
Gung, I think you may be the right person to answer some of my questions, since you are the queen of wine :yes:, but everyone else, please jump in.


Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
The Wine colored RM bags I own are the Matinee and the MAM. The Matinee has a very slight shine to it and the leather is thick, soft, and smooshy. The MAM also has a tiny bit of shine to it and the leather is slightly distressed, and soft and smooshy. If I had to choose, I would say the Matinee has the better leather but not by much. I love them both! =)


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
^^please search or bump old threads for this type of stuff as its already been answered multiple times!

Anyhow- the wine is TDF... you can't go wrong with it. Gung and Mockinglee mentioned previously the leather is thick and smooshhyyyyyyyy....

The shades of wine do not really vary..I think the other bags you may be referring to was the Ruby which is from the spring line, and is more of a true red, and there is a Berry color from an older season as well.... Mockinglee did mention that the wine MA is a little lighter on the top, but thats how its designed...

GL! I hope you get one!


Jun 8, 2007
I had a wine nikki and the leather was soft, but really thin...So thin--there was also a hole peeling up from the bottom of the bag and there was really not much of a layer of leather there at all. I sent it back to LB...from what I understand the other wine bags have thicker leather...