Food Wine? Cheese? Please lend a helping hand!


Sep 30, 2010
I'm throwing a small get together at my place where a few friends are coming over just for a chat..and I'm lost when it comes to what wine and cheese I should serve.

So please share with me your favourite:
- Red Wine
- White Wine
- Cheese

Thanks for the help :biggrin:
Oct 11, 2010
it is depends on your friends are male or female, for male you can serve white wine, for female you can serve red wine, it all depends on youself. :smile:


Oct 9, 2006
Men tend to drink Red Wine and Women tend to drink White Wine. But that doesn't always stand true for everyone.

Your best bet would be offer a Dry Red, A Dry White, a Semi-Sweet White, and maybe a Champagne...

As for cheese, I would serve an array of cheese. I would do an aged cheddar, a bleu, a brie, a parmesan.... I would also do a sweet sopressata, pepperoni, or any other type of meat.
I would also serve french bread, and olive oil for dipping, and a few other types of crackers. You could also throw some grapes on the platter as well.

This way you have something for everyone!


Jul 10, 2008
I would try to pick a variety of cheese - some cheddar or havarti for the "meat & potatoes" types, and then some fun/different things like brie, maybe a blue or stilton, perhaps a goat cheese with cranberries. Also I like the idea of offering other items such as summer sausage or pepperoni, a small relish tray (olives, mini gherkins, etc.) and some crackers & baguette slices.

Believe it or not, I've recently found some excellent cheese selections at Aldi, of all places. Just last week I picked up several different cheeses from there to take to a friend's cocktail party.

As far as wines, you really cannot go wrong. I'd go for maybe 2 types each of red & white. You could also throw in a sweet dessert type wine, as non wine drinkers will typically go for this. Something like a muscat or a sweet riesling.
Jan 22, 2008
I think a good cheddar is a nice start, because it's something almost everyone likes, and then mix in some more exotic cheeses for the adventurous! I like Gloucester Cheddar (or double gloucester? something like that).


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Nov 3, 2006
are you near a trader joe's? they have an amazing double cream gouda and a tdf goat cheese with honey. i like to buy thier multigrain crackers to go with it. most of my friends love the smoking loon brand of wine.


Treat Yo Self!
My suggestion is to get a sampling of a few different wines ( sweet to dry wines and reds and whites) and let guests mix and match them with cheese to see which pairings they like best.

Do you have a local specialty cheese store near by? The reason I ask is that they usually have a lot of diversity in cheeses and they will let you buy small amounts so you can get a lot of variety for your guests to try. They also can advise you as to which wines compliment different cheeses. Although I think it would be fun to let people discover their own preferences.