Wine Bleeker flap bag

  1. I am still not sure of it but the color is pretty.

  2. I think its beautiful! What is it about the bag you're not sure you like?
  3. I am not sure if I like the style of it but I do love the length, leather, and color. I do not know if it is too boxy for me because I tend to like more east/west oblong.
  4. This is the bag I want. I only wish I could use my PCE discount on it.

    janfill, is it a pretty large bag? I love the look, but I need a purse that can hold a lot of stuff.
  5. I think it's really cute. If you haven't owned a "boxy shape" type of purse then maybe this is a time to have it. The color is gorgeous.:graucho:
  6. I liked the bag similar to this but with an extra pocket up front. I think it made the bag look more interesting. LOVE this color! Wine be yummtastic!
  7. I like the style of this bag reminds me of the station bag from back in the day! The color is very nice.
  8. It is not really big inside and the outside measurements are 11 X 11 and framed so it does not look like you can fit a lot in it but enough for me. I also like the one with pocket in the front and need to investigate the size and colors. Thank you for the nice compliments everyone and the color is wonderful.
  9. I love that color.....really does make me think of wine, which conveniently, I also love :yes:.
  10. Gorgeous color! It's probably not big enough for me though. But everyone should own something in that color.
  11. I think it's a gorgeous bag, but YOU have love it. If you don't, then you shouldn't keep it around. If you are unsure, maybe you could return it for something with a similar color and different style?
  12. That bag is really nice and the color is just TDF! I love the wine the best of all of the colors. I haven't tried to put my things in one yet but I'm afraid it is going to be too small for me. I wish it was just a little bit larger!
  13. I'm not down w/ the flap bag but....

    The color is TO DIE FOR!!! Strap length is great too!!! I wish more of the demi sized bags had those long straps...!
  14. That bag looks amazing. I love the color, Is there somewhere to try them on your shoulder. I haven't seen them on the website yet. I just picked up the new catalog at the outlet are they in the regular stores yet or are they just being sold over the phone..

    Ready to try one one and see if how it feels. It looks like it come with a couple different strap options so I like to see which one will work the best. I love the look of the hobo one but I think that one will be way too small.

    And return it if your not happy with it completely. you may like another style of this purse..
  15. I just ordered this bag exactly in the wine. I had ordered and received today two duffles, British tan and the Wine and a wristlet and wallet in wine. The inside of only the wine strap is rough and unfinished in the small duffle if you do not double it over. The British tan was not rough at all. I doubled the strap on that one . It was hard to do like a puzzle when it comes open with no instructions. The underside of my strap in the wine is probably defective but this bag is beautiful but, yes, the squareness of it bothered me at first. We just have to get used to it and the length, for we are used to looking at Ali. Congrats!!!