Wine B-bag

  1. Has anyone seen a balenciaga in wine?? If so, do you have a picture? I am looking for a bright new bag to add to my collection, and I still don't have any reds! The rouge vermillon is a bit too orangey to me, but I hear that the wine is a deep, bright color, and I think it sounds fab :heart:!! Please post pix if possible! Thanks!!!
  2. Are you referring to Grenat?
  3. The only wine colours are grenat or bordeaux, however these are past season colours and difficult to get hold of.
  4. I got the info from a very sweet SA at Barneys. All she told me was the color is 'wine'. She did also mention that it may be exclusive to their store. I am getting pix from her shortly. I'll be sure to update as soon as I can. For now it appears to be a mystery?
  5. There is no such thing as Balenciaga colors that are exclusive to Barneys, so she was mistaken. Like Syma said, the only wine shades are grenat (06) and bordeaux (05). You might be able to find grenat in a store -- I've seen a couple recently at NM SF -- but they won't be as plentiful as they were before. Bordeaux's are much harder to find and are no longer in stores, though they do come up on eBay...usually at a price a little over retail if in good shape.
  6. Grenat and Bordeaux are the "wine" colored BBags. I am currently lusting after a City in one of these colors. I hope I find one soon!
  7. Just found out that it is grenat! Also, sorry for the miscommunication. My SA meant some Barneys may get a certain color than another store such as NM won't. I am going to get a first, so. . . .Kirsten - I will find out if she has a city in grenat and get back to you.
  8. ^O:huh:!! Thanks so much!! I would be one happy girl. :tender: