Windykat's Odds & Ends Collection

  1. I've finally worked up the guts to submit my bags for everyone's perusal! That, and my Fiance is out of town so I can get all my babies out and arrange them neatly for the photo shoot.

    Picture #1 is the immediate family. I see these bags the most often; one of them still has its tags on. These are the ones that are invading Fiance's closet space.

    From back, left to right:
    Gucci '06 Logo Baby Tote
    Gucci '05 Medium Boston Bag -- I think it's called "Tess"
    Marc Jacobs '04 Stella in Sap Green
    Gucci Logo Handbag -- don't know it's formal name
    Botkier Luxe medium Trigger Bag in Hunter Green
    Marc Jacobs '03 Stella in Peppermint
    Gucci '06 Cruise Medium Shoulder Bag
    Prada Tessuto Borsa a Mano in Black
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Partition
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano

    Picture #2 is of the cousins. They don't get out much cause I don't feel that close to them. And I didn't notice this until I put the bags out, that they are mostly black. I feel sorry for the odd one out, but it was a gift from my mother.

    Kenneth Cole Zip Tease I or II
    Coach Signature Medium Slim Duffle -- it might have a special name that I cannot remember
    MICHAEL by Michael Kors Santa Fe Handheld
    Juicy Couture Ladies Who Lunch Tote
    MICHAEL by Michael Kors Astor Tote
    Coach Mini Signature Multi-Function Tote
    DKNY Doctors Satchel
    Coach Signature Demi Pouch
    Coach Mini Signature Ergo Hobo
    MICHAEL by Michael Kors Greenwich Tote
    Kenneth Cole Frame of Reference Clutch
    Kate Spade Amanda purse

    I'll have to search for the distant relatives this weekend; I have a few quirky bags in storage. My wallets consist of 2 LVs that are getting beaten up pretty bad; they need more friends.

    Items I'd love to add:
    Balenciaga City bag -- hopefully in a different color than black
    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 & some other accessories
    YSL XL Muse in Chocolate
    Jimmy Choo Ramona -- don't know what color, but it's a far off event!

    Thanks for looking at my collection. It's small, but it's mine. :smile:
    DSCN0575.JPG DSCN0577.JPG
  2. SMALL?!:amazed: I think not!!! What a GORGEOUS collection you have!!! Thank you so much for sharing!:love:
  3. what a great collection! love the variety. i am working on finding you your bbags!

    it is definitely not small.
  4. Nice collection! I love your MJstellas and Guccis:heart:
  5. That is a great collection!
  6. Most impressive, very nice! What a superb array of styles and colors. Thanks for posting :smile:

    ...the Sap Stella hiding behind the Peppermint is really beginning to make me miss the one I traded away to my friend...:cry:...perhaps I can get it back with a counter-trade, since she's quite fond of the Butterscotch Ltd. (tucked away in it's sleeper...just can't wear brassy/goldish hardwared bags).
  7. This has been a great week...I've been fortunate enough to cross the Speedy 30 off my want list, along w/ a new wallet that I adore. So happy! :biggrin:
  8. your collection :rochard: I :love: the peppermint stella

    eta: congrats on the speedy and welcome to the club
  9. i love your collection, especially the guccis. congrats on your speedy! :love:
  10. I love both your collection and the write-up you made to present them! I love the MJs and the Gucci with the chains..
  11. Gorgeous, I love the larger Gucci bag hiding in the back ! ;)
  12. thats a lot of bags.. n they r so pretty...
  13. VERY Nice collection Windykat ! Congrats !!!BTW, I am enjoying my Partition, thanks !! For a small bag, I like it even better than my pochette as I see the Pochette everywhere !
  14. Louis, Gucci and Louis again??? I think I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke.:blink: :lol:
  15. great collection!!..thanks for sharing :smile: