Windows Vista

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  1. Anyone getting this? Does anyone have it yet? I know it just came out today, but I am so intrigued!!! For those who have experienced this new operating system, please post your analysis. Thanks in advance.
  2. aw man! Does this mean my XP will quickly become prehistoric?
  3. Yeah I hate it when I have to upgrade, my laptop starts getting kinks and crinks <sigh>
  4. Well, I am hearing that its VERY fast. VERY, VERY FAST! My best friend just told me that all the folders are in 3D. Also, alot of the security breaches have been secured. I think I'm going to get it tomorrow.
  5. I hope not! I love my laptop and am NOT ready to upgrade!
  6. ^^^

    UPGRADE, UPGRADE. All you have to do is buy the software and install it. All your files will be preserved. Your system will just be faster and better (I hope).
  7. I recently bought a new laptop and it came with the upgrade in the price of the when it does come out I can just download it for free.
  8. lvbabydoll i am in the same situation you are. i was hoping to wait a bit and make sure there were no problems.

    if anyone installs it please post what you think. thanks!
  9. I saw an interview with Bill Gates where he was explaining Vista's enhanced parental controls. Parents can configure how or when their kids go online (I think?) and can get activity reports of their kids' surfing history. It was just a snippet so that may not be 100% accurate.

    If you want to go for it, go for it! But just like with most new software releases, the prior versions will be OK...for now. There are plenty of machines with windows 98 on them lurking around I'm sure, and they're probably just fine. Windows 95, however, is now a dinosaur due to it coming out just prior to the internet/email explosion. You can't do much online with win 95 any more.

    I'm no expert - I'm a non-technical girl in the IT industry ;). That's just what I've heard.
  10. As with any new release, there will probably be a forthcoming Service Pack or series of patches to download with all the latest and greatest things that couldn't get put on in time for the ship date. No biggy; more than likely they'll get 'pushed' to your machine just like security updates from microsoft probably do now.

  11. I've been beta testing Microsoft Vista at work since March of last year and I have to warn you guys, unless your hardware is up to snuff, it won't be 'faster and better.' It requires at least 1Gb of memory and if your motherboard has an integrated video, good luck trying to view those 3D animations.
  12. ^^ Good point!!
  13. I read in the paper today that Microsoft spent $6 BILLION not million, BILLION to develop the Vista. So I have an inkling that it's going to stay for awhile, or until Bill Gates declared God.
  14. My University upgraded 1/2 of the computers in our department to Vista last night...I tried logging in to one of the Vista computers, and I had no clue what in the world I was doing, lol. I think I'll stick to XP :smile:
  15. Noooo!!! I'm not ready for a change! Maybe when I get my other laptop soon it'll have Vista. :biggrin: