Windows Vista

  1. Hello All,

    I went out last night and purchased a laptop, the installed OS is Windows Vista. The program was running extremly slow. Has anyone else experienced this? Its making me a little nervous and I wonder if there may be something wrong with my system.
  2. Hi,

    I also just bought a laptop with Vista installed on it. It's not really running slow though. It seems to be doing okay. I think it's alot different than Windows XP. I am getting used to it and there are some nice upgrade features that I like.

    I did have to have my son help me install things like my MP3 and my camera. It seemed to not like them but we got it to work okay. I do have a box that pops up when I use some programs that says changing color scheme back to basic to run this program. I bought the Vista Premium version.

    If it continues to run slow, I would take it back for them to look at. Brand new computer shouldn't be slow. Good luck.
  3. thanks for the imput, I will give it a few more trys and if it doesn't speed up I will definitely give HP a call.
  4. I just recently got a dell laptop with Vista installed.I find it super fast and a great system.I like it alot.Id call and see if something is wrong with yours.It shouldnt be slow
  5. Vista Basic needs more memory and space to work. You have to have at least 1 gig of memory. 2 gig's will make it go really fast. Also more hard drive space, like 80 gig instead of 60. Also you may want to un-install the bloatware that came on your computer to free up hard drive. Hope this helps.
  6. My husband is a software engineer and worked for Microsoft for 9 years. He has told anyone who has asked to avoid Vista like the plague. The biggest problem with it (according to him) is that it conflicts really badly with other programs and also DRIVERS for other programs. We recently got our daughter a laptop from Dell and specifically ordered it with Windows XP for these reasons....