Window Shopping...

  1. Ladies and gents,

    I haven`t been able to spend a whole lot of time here lately. That`s because I moved to Munich for the next three months for an internship spot at the fashion department of German ELLE Magazine and I´m now busy pretending I´m all glamourous and fancy :supacool:.

    Well, I still had time to browse the streets of the city and loved the fact that I´m now in a city with a BV boutique, because in Vienna there is none (on the other hand I don`t love that fact because I`m seriously tempted)

    I had nothing better to do than to take pictures (it was national holiday, the store was closed and nobody wondered why this kid was taking pics of the BV store) and thought it be fun to start a thread of random BV windows. So, everyone not near to a BV store can drool over the window eye candy!

    Here are the first, shwoing some men`s pieces and an agenda, the Club Stripe Montaigne and the Vernice Cabat in Camel.
    Bottega_01_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Bottega_02_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Bottega_03_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Bottega_04_1200x1200_100KB.jpg
  2. Plus, I couldn`t resist making all our H gilrs here happy!
    Hermès_01_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Hermès_02_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Hermès_03_1200x1200_100KB.jpg
  3. camel cabat!!:woohoo:

    and i think i saw kelly pochette??!!!!! i really need one of those!

    thanks for the pics claus!
  4. Oh wow, CONGRATULATIONS, C_24! What a wonderful opportunity! The BV (and H) windows are fantastic, much prettier than the ones here in SF. Great idea. The H subforum does this as well and I've contributed. I'll be in SF on Monday so I'll see if I can take pictures of the BV windows there, too.

    Congratulations again!
  5. Congrats C_24 on your internship! :woohoo:Thanks for sharing the gorgeous windows. I don't know much about Hermes but the little bags in the middle photo are so pretty! Is that a kelly pouchette like catabie said? I think I spy a pink croc or ostrich and I'm in love :love:
  6. C_24, Congrats on the internship! Such a great opportunity in another beautiful city. Thank you for the pictures. I can do window shopping virtually from the office or at home. :yes:
  7. Claus, I love the hi-top sneakers. Can't wait to go to Spain - in 13 days! Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. Congrats on the internship! I think that the animal keychains and cell phone charms are so cute. I also can't get over how stunning all of the striped pieces are.
  9. Mystiletto, I don't mean to butt in, but I can't help taking the liberty to answer this one! LOL Yup, those small bags are JPG Mini Kelly Clutches. They're very compact and supple but roomier than one might think! They're especially divine in exotic skins.
  10. ah C_24, congratulations on your internship, how exciting!!!

    and thanks for the lovely pics. I see you in the reflection, handsome!;)

    and, and, can I say that I absolutely LOVE the music score with umbrellas in the H windows!!!
  11. Thanks for the pics, C_24! what a great opportunity for you at Elle.

    I love Munich and Vienna. This makes me want to visit Europe soon.
  12. C_24, thank you for the pictures and congrats on your Elle internship. Can we say future editor-in-chief in the making? :tup: I like your quote by Diana Vreeland. Of the things I've read and pictures I've seen the woman had so much style and flair and did great work not only as an editor but for the Costume Institute. Let us know how your internship goes and best of luck there!
  13. ELLE magazine! wow! congratulations on the internship C_24!

    now, now, you don't need to "pretend" that you are glamorous and fancy because we know you already are! :yes::yes::yes:

    the windows are very tempting. nice BVs and Hs as thoughtful of you!

    enjoy your stay in munich for the next three months and do share your adventures while you're there.
  14. Congrats on your internship! When you become famous, I hope you still remember us here at the TPF!
  15. Claus, you're such a darling! Thanks for starting this thread, I just mentioned in Mid's thread that I took some pics of BV Omotensando (Tokyo) during my June trip and should prob share it. Great idea indeed, BV arm-chair window shopping round the world. Fabulous!!

    And obviously many congrats to you for scoring the Elle internship. So modest of you not to share it's Elle. It's def one of the mags I love to read. Just imagine, one day when you're the EIC of Vogue, we can all say, we knew you here first!!! :supacool:

    Thanks for the pics of H too. So sweet of you to think of that. I have a feeling in no time, you'd venture into H too. :graucho: There's just so much there you could fall in love with.

    Mystilleto, those little bags are indeed Kelly Pouchettes. And I think the gorgeous pink one is Lizard (and those scarves are lovely). Absolutely TDF! Love the fuchsia pink croc Bearn wallet too. :drool: