Window shopping: LVOE2 & Street - PICS

  1. Yes, I am enough of an LV dork that I'll stop to take pictures of the window displays!

    The Street shopper caught my eye & when I wandered around to the other window, LVOE2 caught the other one....

    So... here are shots of windows from Ala Moana boutique:

    1st up.... a close up of the tote, so all can see it's "puffiness"


    2nd up: Street... if you look just under the bag, you can see the reflection of my hand holding my camera! LOL


    Below, I've attached full window shots... I like how you can see Ala Moana in the reflection of the L2 window...
    street2.JPG L2b.JPG L2a.JPG
  2. thanks for the pics ! i take pictures of windows too.
  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Saw the LVOE 2 today and I'm pretty impressed. Love the details on the Street. :love:
  4. Thanks! Gosh I love these mules


    Do you know anything about them? :nuts:

    Edit: Ok I found them on They're 475 EUR.
  5. Thanks for posting photos ... what colour is the LOVE2???
  6. ecru
  7. ^^ thanks I am waiting to see the ochre MM:yes:
  8. GREAT pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :heart:
  9. np! i havent seen ochre in person, let us know how you like it :smile:
  10. Loooove the gorgeous pics! Thanks!
    I love both the street and lvoe ;)
  11. I love the Lvoe shoes!!!
    Thanks for the pics.
  12. thxs for sharing
  13. I can see there nomade keepall :drool:. thanks for pics!
  14. Love the pics!
  15. I saw that too .. I LOVE nomade:heart: