window shopping at Louis vuitton Bangkok

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  1. I have a picture of louis vuitton gallery at Louis vuitton in Emporium Bangkok. thailand

    If you come to thailand please come to shopping here . it hi-class shopping and good food here.
  2. Thanks for showing this^
  3. thanks, beatiful store!!
  4. very nice store. I'll stop by during summer.
  5. Thanks for sharing!!! Nice store!
  6. Thanks. Love seeing pics :smile:
  7. Ooooh, thanks for sharing!!
  8. Hi Paula24. I actually worked in Bangkok in 2001 for 4 months. My husband, our son (who was only 3 y.o. back then & we have 2 boys now btw), hang around the Emporium every weekend. We stayed at Sukhumvit Road. I loved the Emporium!
  9. Great pix. I wonder what that vernis-looking hat is all about in pic 25? I wish I could still find the framboise valet key holder like in pic 23. Unfortunately I missed the boat on that one...
  10. Wow! What an enjoyable show! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Very Nice!
  12. Nice!
  13. Thx! my friend is always trying to get me to go as she has a house i think i will!!! i was considering(afraid to fly) but now i am almost 100% on board!!
  14. Oooo I LOVE this store! I got my first LV there last year so I feel kind of attached lol. I got told its a Landmark store, I love the double storey there!
  15. GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing. :smile: