1. I just recently bought a sale bag and it had a few scratches. I called Chanel and asked if they could buff them out. The SA suggested rubbing either Windex or tooth paste on the scratches! I was VERY hesitant to try it at firts but, let me tell you, it works!!!!! Of course, the scratches were not really deep but still noticeable! After rubbing Windex on them, they almost diappeared!!!! I "treated" the bag a few times and it looks much better now!!!!
  2. Wow, who would have thought that?! LOL!
  3. it;s like my big fat greek wedding! windex works on everything! :P
  4. :roflmfao: I remember that!!

    Thanks for the heads up Anna!! I'm going to try this on a couple of my bags!
  5. Congrats!! I remember you said the bag you got was discounted due to the scratch, I am so glad you can fix that!! Do you have before/after pictures :graucho:
  6. Windex? really? Did it affect the color or the sheen in any way? Wow!
  7. Thank you! I didn't take any before/after pics because I honestly didn't think Windex would work (who would've though????). I wish I did though!!!!!
  8. Nope, nothing changed! Except, of course, for scratches...they're almost gone now!
  9. did you use it on a cambon?
  10. Yes! On this bag below!
    mess5.1.JPG mess1.1.JPG
  11. Windex!! That is so funny but, I'm glad it worked for you!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tip!!!
  12. Interesting! I would think the alcohol in Windex would damage the bag. Good to know.
  13. WOW...I should try this
    Is there any side effect whatsoever?
  14. Who would've thought that windex would do the trick??
  15. Well, I asked the SA if Windex was safe and she said that it was! Plus, my bag is black, so she said you can be more experimental with it (not that I wanted to be more experiemental with my CC bag!)!