Win some Lose some

  1. Yahoo! For you! You got a great deal!
  2. tanks!
  3. You got a really great deal :yahoo: ps: your pig is adorable:love:
  4. Great deal, Vee!
  5. Isn't your Alma a different size though?? You have the PM, and this one is the MM.
  6. It looked different to me too Karman, but was listed as the PM, but didn't have the shape that mine did, so you're probably right... oh well.. it was good while it lasted... actually, I like the shape of the PM better...

    Thanks for bringing that up... but, the listing did say PM...:wtf:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Oh, and PS: Mine had tags!!! This one says new without tags, but doesn't have the shape of the PM, oh, who cares???:graucho: me, dat's who...:p
  9. you crack me up:nuts: ...i like the shape of whichever one you have better anyway....:wlae:
  10. me too! tanks mick, this is a stoopid thread... :yucky: :shrugs:
  11. eh, win some, lose some, Vee....couldn't resist!:roflmfao:
  12. Congrats on your graffiti alma pm and on the great deal you got!! I have the black/white version and love it too! YAY!!!
  13. That's great....I'm usually not so lucky. I pay double what I end up finding it for later! LOL
  14. Congrats on a great deal!