Win a Stam!

  1. Hey Vlad,
    not sure I'd want to win a stem, but a Stam would be cool!:lol:
  2. I've entered. Thanks Vlad ;)
  3. Cool..I did it!
  4. gimmie that "Stem".. *giggles* Thanks for letting us know!

  5. Oh schweeet lorrrrd, I am an idiot. Where is the edit button!
  6. I better not operate any heavy machinery today.
  7. Wow! How did I miss this one? Thanks Vlad! I will enter immediately!

    And stay away from that heavy machinery!;)
  8. You rock Vlad.
  9. sweet!
  10. I entered!!! :yahoo: I've never won a contest like this. 'ya never know until you try...thanks for letting us know Vlad!
  11. 0o0o0o , y not??? hehehe!!! i entered too! hehehe!
  12. :lol: Me too...funds may be frozen, and we all may have lost it, but how could we possibly resist a free stam, ay? :lol: Kudos, Vlad.
  13. thanks for the info...wouldn't it be awesome if someone on tpf won!!!
  14. I'm feeling lucky...