Win a Prada Bag


    Think you work for the devil? Here's your chance to find out. Send in a story about the most outrageous thing your boss has ever asked you to do for the Devil Wears Prada contest. DailyCandy editors will choose the most outrageous story. One lucky winner will receive a stunning new Prada bag.

    Wont hurt to try :amuse:
  2. Thanks heavesent! I just submitted a story about my boss! It's the grossest most horrible story in the world.
  3. Keep us posted if u win
  4. I did it too..LMAO..its so
  5. Oh, that was fun! I have a pretty off the wall one. Good luck everyone! (winner is chosen at random).
  6. I can't enter as I live in Europe, so I thought I'd share here...........

    I had a boss in Sydney who used to make me drive her around to all of her appointments. She had a fabulous car and whilst it was great to get out of the office, my work would continue to pile up on my desk.

    The worst thing she made me do was to clean her shoes after she went to a funeral. It was raining and her 4 inch stillettos were coated in mud from the cemetary.
  7. wow this beats therapy!!! Thanks for the link!!!
  8. Mine involved my boss & her urinary tract infection. :shocked: :shocked:

    That's all I'm going to say because anymore will bring back the nightmares.:cry:
  9. ^LMAO..DO TELL..

    ok..tell me after I drink alcohol tonight while we are out..So I wont remember tomorrow..LMAO..
  10. Oh yeah, I'll definitely tell you tonight. I'll need a drink or two to rehash the pain.

    It's my coworkers' favorite story about my boss. I deserve a Prada purse and workers comp for it!