Win a handbag for .50!

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  1. So I went to a bazzar tonight..which is like a fair with games and food and music. Anyways, as I was wondering I found this game stand where you could take a chance and hope to win one of these lovely handbags. As soon as I was taking these pictures, a girl won a bag and was like in tears because she couldn't decide which bag to choose. It's just sickening..I thought we could all have a good laugh :P:roflmfao::lol:


  2. I think she blew way too much money.
  3. I'd rather have the vodka glass
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. I know you would obviously assume it becuse of the price and the fake prada bags, but how can you tell that coach is fake? The real ones look fake now so lol...idk. just saying.
  6. The red and back zebra makes my teeth hurt. I would give them 50 cents to let me walk away with nothing.
  7. My first thoughts. I'll take the Cuervo plz.
  8. I hope you took a chance!! That lucky girl... lol :lolots:
  9. true...i don't follow coach to really tell. I couldn't see if it had a leather tag or not
  10. I agree. The new collection makes me :shocked:.
  11. This reminds me....must get tickets to Circ Du Soleil!