Win a GH Marine Brief on Bluefly

  1. Baghound just sent me a link to try to win a luxury bag from Bluefly. You just try to throw a dart on the bag you want. There is a Prada, Chanel classic flap, Fendi, MJ and a few others including....

    A Giant Brief in Marine w/ silve hardware!! It made me want one of these bags!

    (There really insn't a chance in H-E- double hockey sticks you can win.)
  2. It's gotta be gold hardware - silver isn't available yet.
  3. Looks silver
  4. I"m on bluefly now throwing darts

    I am such a sucker for these "games" even though i never win and i know the chances are close to 0. But the lust for my first bbag drives me...:wlae:
  5. I've been playing that game everyday since it started!!! And like you said, I've probably got a slim to none chance that I'll actually win something. But hey you never know! ;)
  6. Does that bag have SH?
  7. I can't figure out a strategy yet, but today I won a 15% off coupon for Bluefly... so even if you don't win a handbag you could win something else of this sort.
  8. I just can't control that dart! I try a new spot every day.
  9. I have a feeling I'm going to be sitting here for a while doing this...

    10% off code is all I've gotten so far...
  10. This is the latest "insult" that my place of employment has seen fit to place upon us mere peons ... we now can't get into (it's blocked!). :cursing: :push: