Win A Balenciaga!

  1. Ok, I knew that thread topic would get you in here...

    I had the most AMAZING dream last night which turned into an idea, after I had woken up!

    The mods on the forum decided to run a monthly raffle... each PF'er paid $5 to enter each month and once a month a name would get drawn out...

    The winner would be able to pick the BBag of their choice up to the amount of the raffle entry money raised for that month...

    It would sooooo be possible too, with the amount of active PF'ers we have in the Balenciaga forum!

    Ahh... what a dream!

    Just thought I'd share it all with you!
  2. I likie!
  3. i like...
    and yes u tricked me in here... i got all excited!!!

    hehe so cute how even in ur dreams, it's still all about Balenciaga bags... well, same here ^______^"
  4. LOVE IT!:heart:
    allthough i have to say i'm not very lucky!never won anything..besides some Lego when i was 9:graucho:
  5. Hehe... sorry for tricking you :p

    I'm dreaming about Balenciaga... perhaps my addiction/ love is going too far? :wlae:
  6. Hell yeah that sounds like a masterplan!! Although there would have to be a rule that makes sure the same person can't win too often... Unless it's me!! He he he
  7. Actually it's a pretty good idea! I wonder if it's doable, though.
  8. The only obstacles are that currency conversion is different from country to country...

    So USD$5 is more than AU$5, but I guess we could work out the difference and make it even amounts for all who enter...

    I've thought about how it can be done a fair bit this morning... and I think its possible...

    I have a few ideas up my sleeve...
  9. You got my attention! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Mine too! I wonder if this would be viable, I would be interested :smile: It'd probably draw in more people as a one-off thing than a monthly, though. So fun!
  11. I don't recommend it. Too many legal issues. Raffles, sweepstakes, and games of chance are highly regulated. When it comes to doing those online, it becomes a nightmare to figure out which state's (or country's) laws govern, and it could be all of them. These issues are usually avoidable when no money or other stake is put up, but the story is different if you have to pay to enter.
  12. I hate to be a buzzkill, but Deco is right that raffles are highly regulated, and dealing with state and federal laws might be a tough hurdle to overcome. That said, I would definitely like to pay $5 for a chance to win a Balenciaga bag!
  13. Chuggie, the word buzzkill was swimming about in my head too. That and killjoy. I mean about myself.
  14. ditto
  15. Ahh what a shame all this legal c**p has to come in to it... hey fashion-cult don't forget about us in England ; whats our currency rate at the mo?:noggin: