Wimbledon sees red over knickers

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    Thu Jun 28, 9:23 AM

    By Paul Majendie

    Tatiana Golovin had the Wimbledon referee reaching for his rule book when she sought to appear on court wearing red underwear.

    Was she violating the "predominantly white" dress code laid down by the tournament that is such a stickler for sartorial etiquette?

    The fashion guardians of good taste at the world's most genteel tennis tournament gave the French player the go-ahead after much discussion about hemlines and where they stopped and started.

    Explaining the decision, a Wimbledon spokesman said on Thursday: "They were cleared with the referee in advance by the player. On the basis that they are underwear, they do not have to conform to the predominantly white rule.

    "If they are above the hemline they are deemed to be underwear and not shorts."

    The 19-year-old Golovin, who beat Taiwan's Hsieh Su-Wei 5-7 6-3 8-6 on Wednesday, returned to the court on Thursday apparently unperturbed by the headlines her choice of underwear had prompted -- and wearing red knickers again.

    Not many post-match news conferences at Wimbledon start with the question "Can I ask you about your knickers?"

    Unabashed, the Russian-born player had replied "They say red is the color that proves that you're strong and you're confident so I'm happy with my red knickers."

    Strength and confidence were not enough on Thursday, however and Golovin lost 6-2 3-6 6-1 to Austrian Tamira Paszek.

  2. I don't care if they are undies, that is so inappropriate for Wimbeldon!

    It's what it's known for...classic white outfits.
  3. Eh...feels like she was trying too hard. Guess she should've focused more on her tennis than her outfit. =P
  4. I'm a huge tennis fan, and saw some of this match and always follow the majors. :smile: I don't think this it's inappropriate... they are undergarments after all, and worn underneath the requisite all white clothing. Yes, when you play, and hit the ball with the velocity pro's do, your skirt will fly up to reveal your panties, but that always happens. If Serena Williams can wear a catsuit and lace up boots on the tennis court (as she did once at the U.S. Open), this is absolutely nothing haha. Also, Wimbly allows hats for men, sleeveless shirts, etc., so I don't see what the big deal is with a pair of red "knickers." ;) Ohhh, and Golovin is one talented player too (saw her up close at the U.S. Open last year)! :smile:
  5. Her red underpants did their job -- she was noticed (even moreso.)
  6. maybe she was on her period.
  7. i dont get people who are desperate to defy rules and thats what it seems like shes doing. maybe she just wanted the attention but im a firm believer in sticking with traditions.