Wimbeldon Tickets??

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  1. Hello everyone ..

    I wanted to get my husband two tickets to see the Wimbeldon games as a present .. the problem is I have no idea when the games are ... where they are held .. or anything else about Wimbeldon (not even how it is spelled!! :p) .. I wana know:

    1) Where
    2) When
    3) How much the tickets are
    4) Where I can buy them

    and anything else I woudl have to know to be able to do this the right way ...

    TIA!!!!! :tup:
  2. AFAIK Wimbledon tickets are notoriously hard to get hold of. Every year they show images of people camping out in queues to get tickets and a large number of them go to people in tennis clubs etc.

    But here's the link if it's any help!

  3. thanks everyone!!! do you think i have a better chance if i try to locate them starting from now for next year's?
  4. the tickets are so hard to get hold of. most of the people who get them go every year or are members of the tennis club. if you wait till about christmas you can sometimes get hotel and ticket packages. even if you cant get court tickets the atmosphere n and around the grounds is amazing and wimbledon is a nice place to visit.
    its easier to get tickets for the first week on the smaller courts than the finals on centre court.
  5. hmm .. if not wimbledon .. what about ANY other tennis tournaments? i know i sould liek a novice but i AM one :p .. i just wana give my husband tickets to a tennis game anywhere!
  6. lol the US open finals are tomorrow. You can snap up a few tickets on craigslist still. I'll be there! =D