Wilsons TLC

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  1. I have been looking to replenish my supply of Wilson's TLC but they have not had it online in months. I live in the mountains so I drove down into the city to the nearest Wilson's (not close at all) and found some in the store. I went to use it today on one of my bags and it has a strong alcohol smell to it. They must have reformulated it because it smells horrible. It used to have a milky water feel and smelt kind of like soap. They had some aerosol kind for sale too but I really like the non-aerosol pump tlc. Anyone else discovered they discontinued the old formula?
  2. Thanks, Lexie. I've been desperate for spray TLC and just bought 3 cans. I've never seen it an aerolized spray like this; just the cream and pump spray, which was kinda milky looking and a nondescript odor. I always used the pump spray and would only use the cream on an older bag I bought used that had not been previously conditioned and needed cleaning/rejuvenation. The cream changes the texture and color of the leather until such time as the moisture is absorbed, which takes a LONG time, depending on how much you used. I was probably too heavy handed on the one I did, a cognac Lucy. I was not happy with the result - really grabbed with the portion of leather that came into contact with body oils, i.e., handles, top leather band of interior walls. The pump spray version always returned to pre-treatment texture, color once dry. The cream has been the only version that's been available online lately at Wilson's. I was afraid a spray version was no longer going to be available. jlp, is the pump spray still in the silver plastic bottle? Wonder if they have reformulated it and if it will be availble online. Wisn they'd put the aerolized version online.
  3. Hi Nunnla, It is in the same silver bottle. I was skeptical of it drying out the leather with such a strong alcohol smell. Before it was milky and had a hand lotion type smell.
    I think I will also take Lexie's suggestion and buy the aerosol and give that a try.
  4. I have a couple bottles of the pump spray left that's milky with the hand lotion smell. The closest store to me is Orlando. I picked up a few of the aerosol spray cans from Lexie's link. Thanks, Lexie.
  5. ^^ Thanks Lexie, I was in desperate need of this product as well!