Wilson's TLC Leather & Suede Protector for Balenciaga

  1. Hi all. I did a search on this product before I posted and the only mention of this product in association with Balenciaga was someone mentioning they were hesitatnt to use it on their Bbags. I'm here to tell you, that thanks to one of my PF buddies who recommended it, I just doused my new Magenta LE City with it. Did one coat last night, let it dry overnight and did another this morning. It's now completely dry, no scent whatsoever and no colour change at all. I'm going to do a third coat and I'm off to the races. As much as I love all LMB products (even like the scent, but it lingers a BIT too long....) this takesabout ten seconds per application and leaves NO scent. I am its newest and greatest supporter.

    For my fellow Canucks: It's not available in Canada at retail, but can be ordered through their website (yes, they can deliver to Canada - it's a pump spray, not an aerosol...another bonus!) and it's WELL worth it!