wilsons leather waterproof spray of lambskin?

  1. Has anyone used Wilson's leather and suede protector on lambskin?
  2. :crybaby:

    I used Vectra spray on my lambskin Etro without incident. I also have the Wilson's, but since my Etro is my most beloved/expensive item, wanted to go "full guns" to protect her.
  3. I've used Wilsons spray on my four Kooba bags and it does an incredible job! (I spayed each of them twice...per Lexie2000's experience...and she was right!) While I was on vacation I dropped a large gob of hand sanitizing gel on the front of my Kooba Renee and it wiped off without a problem. No spot. However, I have a HH Nomade Drawstring Hobo and have yet to spray it. From what I understand, from reading on TPF, that type of lambskin does not do well with a leather protector spray so I've been holding my breath everytime I take it out. Especially down here in FL with all of the rain. I'll be watching this post to see what others say. Thanks for asking this question.
  4. I have used spray on other bags, but never on lambskin. I've used to protector stuff from lovinmybags.com (sp?) and that has worked well.