Wilsons 'leather lotion' on vachetta?

  1. I just bought Wlisons "leather lotion" for my balenciaga. Has anyone used it on vachetta or canvas? :confused1:
  2. [Opened back up since OP is looking for info on Wilson's leather lotion and not the water repellent spray. ;)]
  3. Soooo while I was waiting I tested a spot inside of one of my bags, and while it temporarily made the leather look darker, within seconds the darkness faded back to normalcy - so I tested it in other places, and finally on the bottom of my cabas piano. It worked great! I have a few scuffs on the corners - it definitely lifted out the dirt, and made the bottom softer! Woohoo! Off to do my speedy handles!
  4. So how was the lotion on the speedy???
    i noticed that it says not to use on nude leather, thats what vechetta is right?? nude leather??
    and is your speedy new or with some patina on it??
  5. If you want a conditioner that will not darken leather I would suggest Bick 4 or Apple Leather Care :smile:
  6. I use the Wilsons spray and the LOTION and I love it, It works great for me. I have used it on my speedy 30 in azur and mono.....Even on my slg's.
    It conditions nicely without darkening....
    Oh, both the bags were purchased used with a very pretty patina, not dark and not light/nude.....
  7. Thanks for answering, can you tell me how you applied the lotion?
  8. When I applied the lotion on the handles of my 2 week old LV bag, I noticed that it did darken the leather. I only tried it in a little spot on one of the handles, after I noticed that it darkened compared to the rest, I stopped applying it. Until now that the vachetta has started to darken, the little spot where I put the lotion is still darker than the rest. It also looks shinier than the rest of the vachetta. Not sure when I will have the courage to put lotion in all of it :smile:.