Wilson's Leather Cleaner Wipes...WOW!

  1. I've noticed that other members have posted their experiences with leather cleaning and care products, so I decided to post my thoughts on a product I tried today on a whim. I was looking at Wilson's leather care products on their website, and I noticed their Leather Cleaner Wipes. I ran down to the local Wilson's at the outlet mall and grabbed a pack. I tested them on my "every day" bag, my Donna Karan. It's a black bag that generally doesn't show a great deal of dirt, but it must have been quite dirty judging by the amount of grime that came off on the wipes. The wipes were just covered with grime, especially the one I used on the bottom! Even though the difference is subtle on a black bag, there is definitely a difference. The leather just looks cleaner and more lustrous over all. I am sure these would be great for getting the crud off of lighter colored bags too. I am definitely sold on them. They're not too expensive either ($6 for a pack of 20).

  2. ^^B Thanls for the tip. I will pick some up next time!
  3. Interesting, thanks! I will have to pick some up. How do they compare to the baby wipe?
  4. I use leather cleaner wipes on my sofa...they leave a lovely shine which i find baby wipes don't do - i think that's because they have special conditioning agents in them which is designed to make your leather look better for longer.

    I guess it depends if you don't mind a bit of a shine, or just want to clean your bag?:flowers:
  5. I have never tried cleaning a bag with a baby wipe, so I don't know how they compare in terms of cleaning ability. In terms of the actual wipe, they are similar in size to a baby wipe. They are slightly textured and quite moist. It didn't say on the package what they're moistened with, but I can only assume it has some kind of conditioning and cleaning agent in it. I don't know if they would be okay to use on Louis Vuitton vachetta. You would have to test it on a small hidden area first.
  6. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  7. thanks for this.... will start using mine now.. hehe..