Wilshire or Sunset Boulevard??? HELP PLS...

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I was set on wanting the sunset Boulevard for Valentine's day from DH but since seeing the wilshire boulevard on the weekend, I am torn between the two...

    Can you please help me decide between them so I can let DH know which one it is that I want for valentine's day???

    Thanks everyone for your feedback...
  2. It would depend on what you need it for - I think the wilshire is more versatile and could easily be dressed up or down. The Sunset is to small for me for every day, but if you just needed a formal bag for nights out, I think that would be a much better option. I would choose the wilshire - but good luck either way!
  3. I have the sunset blvd and I love that it has credit card slots (makes it less bulky) but in my opinion it's definitely more of an evening bag whereas (like princesskara pointed out) the wilshire is more versatile. You really can't go wrong either way they're both adorable!
  4. Sunset Blvd
  5. I prefer the Wilshire.
  6. I vote the Wilshire--

    they are both beautiful but Wilshire seems to be more versitle. I love this bag and is up for consideration for me next "evening" bag purchase. Look in the clubhouse- beautiful pics! Which color do you want?

    Goodluck deciding- what a great DH to get a you a bag you want!
  7. i vote for the wilshire tooo.....
  8. I think it would help to know whether you already have a 'pochette-type' bag in your collection? If not, it seems you already have satchel types (based on your avatar). I'd say the Sunset.
  9. sunset.
  10. Wilshire. I have one and I love it. It's definitely more versatile :tup:
  11. I love wilshire
  12. Wilshire
  13. Wilshire...it's adorable!
  14. I already have an epi black montaigne clutch...
  15. Wilshire, purchased in (pomme) last Spring and I adore it. The Sunset is a tad small imop;)