Wilshire MM Monogram?

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  1. I am thinking about getting the Wilshire MM in monogram... can you please give me your opinion on this bag? Do you think it is too plain? Does it hold its shape as I really like structured bags that don't sag like my speedy does. Would you agree the MM is the best size to get for a 5ft 2 girl?
  2. Do you specifically like handheld bags only? I would go for the mono Alma instead of the Wilshire :smile: it's structured but not boxy, and the zipper makes things secure.
  3. What bothers me about the alma is the entire bottome of the bag is the vachetta and if it gets dirty which it will that would make me crazy. lol
  4. i don't think the vachetta on the bottom is so bad now that the alma has feet. i wasn't all that impressed with the wilshire in mono (love it in vernis) when i saw it. it just seemed more plain to me than some of the others.
  5. I do think it is a little plain in mono, have you thought about the palermo?
  6. Ive had the palermo and many other monogram LVS but have sold most.. always looking for a new style to get the next one in. Thats why I was looking at the Wilshire but maybe it is too plain.
  7. If you're looking for a shoulder mono bag.
    What about a mon mono neverfull? Or a normal mono neverfull?
  8. I like it! It's cute!
  9. i, for one, happen to like it! it has an air of understated elegance about it, but i find that it is slightly pricey for what you are getting. for just a $100 more or so, the palermo offers a zippered opening and strap.
  10. I think I will wait and hold out for the new tote from the empriente line. I just don't know how long I can wait for it to come out... my stash of money is burning a hole in my pocket. I want something new since I have had many LV bags and have now tired of them.
  11. I love it! Me and my partner had a look at the PM, sooo cute and I love the LV signature bling and chocolate Alcantara lining!
  12. A little plain for my liking, prefer the Wilshire in the Vernis.
  13. I prefer Wilshire MM in Vernis too but Monogram Wilshire MM's strap drop is longer than Vernis, to me it's more comfortable than the Vernis. I forgot whether the base of Wilshire MM is also full vachetta because the Wilshire PM in Monogram is.
  14. Me too, only love the Wilshire in vernis.
    It look funny when made in mono canvas....the bag is pretty plain and plus the vachetta, seems even more plain. :smile:
  15. I actually like it as well...very classic looking!!