*wilshire blvd*...*pomme & amarante*

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  1. Wilshire in pomme & amarante are up on the website!!!!
  2. oh cool, thanks for the heads up!! i had been wondering if they were going to make them in other colors
  3. Ohh, I just noticed! I love it in the Pomme!
  4. I went and saw it today...the pomme is GORGEOUS!!! I almost bought the pomme instead but I figured rose pop was more seasonal and I'll ahve another chance to get it later.
  5. yeah they're in the stores already too..was just at the Galleria in Dallas and they had the Wilshire in pomme and amarante on display in the store
  6. I wish the Violette wasn't discontinued, I would've loved it in Wilshire :girlsigh:
  7. Woooow, decisions...

    Thanks for the heads up. :smile:
  8. AMARANTE.... here I come!!!
    Thank you for the information!
  9. Saw the amarante one IRL yesterday. Can be dressy and casual...great colour and nice shape. I think it's so cute!!!! But too bad no zipper....so didn't get it...
  10. I kinda like it without the zipper, because if it did it would have a weird sag at the top and would make it more 'triangular' kwim?

    The rectangular shape makes it...cute! :P