^^^wilshire bld club^^^

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  1. I don't own this bag yet... but would love to see them all :yahoo:
  2. Here is my blue wilshire blvd:


  3. Here's my cute Wilshire. I am having a hard time finding the date code - pulled the pocket out and everything. Where is it?
  4. ^ I just got the rose pop wilshire too and I was also about to ask the same question. I've looked everywhere but I can't find the date code anywhere?

    Is yours also made in France?
  5. i'm waitlisted, it's not released in my city yet :sad:
    soon soon i will be able to post a pic...

    thats the one i'm getting, i LOVE rose pop!!!
  6. I LOVE Rose Pop too. I got the large cles and the Wilshire, but now I am thinking I should have gotten the heart too. I already have a heart in framboise, so I thought it was a bit redundant, but it is such an awesome color.
  7. Love the Rose Pop to, I plan on getting this bag very soon.:yes:
  8. I would love to see one in amarante!!
  9. Anyone find the date code yet?
  10. gorgeous bags, ladies!
  11. please post more modelling pic for this bag, ladies...
  12. ^^yes pleaseee more modeling pics!!!!
  13. Here's mine! :yahoo:

  14. Some modeling pics:



  15. wow the pink one looks great with that pretty dress