Wilmer Valderrama Reunites With Dina & Ali Lohan

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  1. Lindsay Lohan ex Wilmer Valderrama reunites with the other Lohan girls, mom Dina and younger sister Ali, at the CW11's morning show in New York City on Wednesday. Lindsay's little sis was promoting her Christmas album while Wilmer chatted up his drama Fast Food Nation on the program.

    WHERE'S LINDSAY? :shrugs:


    Ali is very cute !
  2. ali is soo cute! She had an interview in teen vogue I think? She sounded cutee. thanks for sharing!
  3. That was probably an awkward moment!!
  4. exacty!!! wilmer annoys the hell out of me, there's just something about him that makes me cringe. he's only funny when he was fes.
  5. hes hot.

    why does it seem like lindesys mom is totally pimping her?
  6. He's cute but he is full of himself!
  7. i get the same feeling too ..maybe he's a perv??:yucky:

    a conceited perv??:confused1: :confused1:

    i just can't put my finger on it..
  8. I don't think he is that cute at all :shrugs:
  9. i think hes soo ugly..

    but different strokes for different folks
  10. because she is? :yes: look like she's started with ali too.

    he totally skeeves me out. *shudder* i can barely watch that 70s show anymore... :sad:
  11. you've hit the nail on the head megs he isn't hot at all....
  12. i like him as fez in the 70's show. he is quite funny too on MTV Yo Mama. he seemed popular with the girls. didn't he used to go out with Mandy Moore?
  13. I thought Ali is a guy's name
  14. I bet his mom likes Wilmer though. Hohan seemed a bit less party girl while she was with him IMO!?! :shrugs:

    Wonder who the LV behind them belongs to?
  15. ^^ LOL i had the same Q in mind as well ..