1. My pebbled leather came today and I promised DB he could open it.....DANG he wont be here until tomorrow. I have been staring at the Coach tape on the outside of the bag.....I want to open it sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but I wont...:Push:
  2. lol You can make it! Be strong :P
  3. I promised him it was like butter.....i hope it holds true ;)

    Meanwhile he might feel bad for me anyway and not get mad because tomorrow were supposed to be going for my FAT pants....

    We went yesterday and the pant I tried on 2 sizes larger than normal wouldn't even zip. he was somehow suprised that I didnt feel like buying anything:mad:
  4. Hang in there! Almost there!
  5. Did you open it yet :nuts: And those pants were probably just made wrong ;]
  6. He opened it!!! I will take pictures later. I couldn't do the unwrapping pictures because then her would have REALLY thought I was crazy :lol: Just as fun was the new Coach Cataloge that came with it!
  7. Okay here she is :love:

  8. It's lovely! Definitely worth the wait!
  9. Love the color, nice bag! I like the fact that you put those cute sunglasses next to it! :biggrin:
  10. Yeah it needed the Sunglasses ;)
  11. Cute! Worth the wait, right? Enjoy!!!
  12. oooh pretty!
  13. That's absolutely adorable!!! Congrats!!! Don't you feel better about waiting now?
  14. Definately worth the wait. I really am enjoying the look and feel of the pebbled leather. I think I am going to buy my mom a purse in this line for Mothers Day.
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