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  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif][FONT=Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif][FONT=Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif][FONT=Comic Sans MS,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif]Welcome to Willow506.com[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

    Have you visited Willow506.com lately? We have added new items and reduced tons and tons of items throughout the site. Visit us today for great savings!

    Huge Savings
    More than 50% of the items listed on our site have been drastically reduced. Now is the time for great savings and build up your closet!

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  2. Joanne, is that you?
  3. No...sorry..I'm not Joanne!! There must be a reason that you're asking....I'm curious!
  4. Oops! Sorry. After I wrote that I remembered no advertising your own site or items here (so you couldn't be her).
    Joanne is the woman modeling most (or all?) of the clothes on that site. She's also half owner of the store. She's engaged to my husband's best friend, who stood up in our wedding.
  5. Is she the blonde or brunette?? Either way..both models are beautiful and I'm certain that your husband's best friend is a lucky and happy guy! BTW...he must be gorgeous as well!!:tup:
  6. aprilvalentine......your baby is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I lovvvveeee babies!!!
  7. Thank you. I'm a baby fan myself.
    She's the brunette. She's about 6 ft. tall in person (maybe more). Perfect for modeling clothes. I'll have to tell her her site was mentioned here, she'll be thrilled, I'm sure.