Willie Nelson lends support to dogfighting bill

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  1. ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Willie Nelson is looking to become dog's best friend.
    The country music star has filmed a television spot supporting an anti-dogfighting bill that is moving through the Georgia Legislature.
    In the ad, Nelson looks into the camera while "Georgia on My Mind" plays in the background.
    "Dogfighting is against the law in Georgia, but the laws are so weak, the beautiful state of Georgia has become a haven for dogfighters from around the country," he says.
    The bill would make it a felony for anyone to sell, trade or transport dogs for the purpose of dogfighting.
    Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization, produced the piece and asked Nelson to participate
    State Sen. Chip Rogers, the bill's author, hopes to get the spot on TV and radio around the time of the December 10 sentencing for suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge.
    The bill has passed the state Senate and will go before a House committee in January.

  2. Good for Willie Nelson for doing this!

    It's sad to think that some people still think dogfighting is a part of Southern culture. Snoop Dogg even said as much.

    Snoop as well as other people who think that need to learn that not only is it NOT part of the culture but that it is horrible and cruel.
  3. what is the point of that? Dog-fighting is already a federal crime!!