Williamsburg outlet?

  1. Does anybody ever go to the Williamsburg, VA outlet? I am going there this weekend for the first time and thought maybe you ladies could tell me if they tend to carry more of one thing than another. Any tips? I'm an outlet virgin, LOL! Thanks!
  2. This is my favorite Coach outlet! It does carry signature. I'm a signature lady so that's a plus for me. & I do believe they are usually cheaper than the other outlets I've been to. I don't know, maybe prices depends on the area. You may also want to check out the Dooney & Bourke outlet while your there they have some great leather bags.
  3. Thanks! The D&B outlet is already on my list.....LOL! I am such a dork that I typed up a list with itinerary of which outlet stores we're hitting, in which order, and what time we'll be there, for my mother and sister-in-law. I need to seriously get a life!:shame:
  4. LOL Have fun & post all your new goodies you get!
  5. Oh I am going there with a friend in April or May for a girls get away! Let me know how you like it!!
  6. I was at the Williamsburg outlet around three weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. I went to coach, had hubby buy a bag then I went back and got two other bags, it was great. I'm sure you will find something that you will like. Please post pictures when you get back.