Williamsburg, Iowa Outlet?

  1. Does anyone know how that outlet is? I'm working on expanding to other outlets and it's only about 4.5 hours from me...
  2. Hey fellow Minnesotan! I think the Albertville Outlet (MN) is one of the best I've been to. Haven't been to the Williamsburg one...yet!
  3. Was there about 4 years ago. Seems like it was a rather small store. Not much to choose from. I know I didn't buy anything, so the selection must have been small. Or, maybe it was just before the newest line was coming out??? Can't remember. Was there in June, I think.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
  4. I've been to the Williamsburg outlet, it's about 1 1/2 hours away. I feel that it's great but I've never been to any of the other outlets. I still carry my laptop bag I got there about three years ago and I recently (last month) got a wristlet and a key chain there. The SA's are helpful and It's my favorite place to go in the Tanger outlet!
  5. Thanks so much, everyone! I go to the Albertville one... A LOT (maybe once every other week)!!!!! I just thought I'd see if anyone had been to the Williamsburg one. Might be a fun little roadtrip once the weather cools a bit and whatnot!
  6. HELLO! Are you in the Twin Cities?!
  7. Yes I have been there many times! I live about an hour away, it is a smaller store, but the selection is nice and the SA's are very helpful and super nice!
  8. Nope. Down in North Mankato. I also seem to be winding up in Albertville about every other week now that I know they have a Coach outlet!
  9. Oh! I'm in the Cities! Lol