Williams Sonoma coupons?

  1. Thank you!
  2. I have never seen a Williams-Sonoma coupon, but like you, I would like to know if they are available!
  3. Yea...i haven't seen any either - but you never know, maybe in the future which would be AWESOME - my whole kitchen it W-S everything!!!! I love that place!!!
  4. They have clearance sales twice a year, January and August, in January I bought a bunch of napkins for .99 and runners for 14.99, plus other great stuff. I have 3 stores in my area, I went to all three to shop. The only other sales they have are with like seasonal merchandise, i.e., after Valentine's day.

  5. Yea...I have tons of W-S stores near me too in Chicago and I hit all of them for awesome sales during their peak sales periods!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Williams-Sonoma...Basically, everything in my kitchen is pretty much from that place...I have everyday flatware from there in chatelet pattern, i have the brasserie in white dinnerware and then I have the belvedere corn flower blue dinnerware for everyday too! Not to mention SO manyl the other goodies for my kitchen, including some of my favorites: my dualit chrome toaster, all-clad pots n' pans, kitchen-aid, wustoff knives, and much much more! It's my other guilty pleasure - I should work there just for the discount - they get 40% off!! Can u believe that, how awesome is that!!!