william rast jeans anyone?

  1. how do these fit? is the fit comparable to any other brands? quality? tia!
  2. I was curious about this myself, but, it looks like no one has tried them yet?

  3. I have the Stella (bootcut) and the rise is very low (in my opinion) in comparison to 7s and COHs. It may be similar to the rise on Paige's Laurel Canyons. My only problem is that I find it a little loose in the lower thigh area (I have this problem with COHs too). As for the sizing, I have it in my regular size, but some people have said that they run small, and others say they run big. It really just depends on the wash/cut just like any other jeans so your best bet will be trying them on! As for the quality, they're pretty similar to People's Liberation jeans because I think they're under the same company. They feel very durable and comfy :yes: I love my WRs and I actually prefer it over the other premium brands! I'd really recommend them. They're so underrated but everyone that I know who has given it a try LOVES them!
  4. These jeans are all over my Nordstrom Rack for $69 which isn't bad at all. They had various styles. I didn't like them and would take People's Liberation over them any day.
  5. the pair i ordered from blueroofdenim.com came in yesterday and they're very comfy and flattering. i like them so much that i'm ordering another pair today. i do need to get them hemmed, as usual.