William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales

I really like that look in the first slide on the right with the blue coat. Love the combination of that sky blue with the dark chocolate brown accessories, a great colour combination and it really suits her complexion.

I had forgotten that mustard/floral Erdem dress from the 4 slide, I must have erased it from my memory :shocked: That dress was fugly (IMO) and so out of the ordinary for her :yucky:
+1 here. Her first priority is to give herself the space to heal physically and mentally. Be with her kids and husband. It’s a traumatic diagnosis. I plan to move beyond it but I am not going to push myself beyond my current limits and I hope she doesn’t have to either. Don’t underestimate how long it to completely heal physically from the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

This. My close friend nearly died from her initial chemo therapy two years ago and has barely tolerated the current one. In fact, the last time I spoke to her doctor one sentence that stuck with me is "There are cases where the chemo kills the patient before the cancer can". So really, unless you went through it, puked your guts out, developed high fevers or on the opposite chills that cannot be managed with several layers of clothing, two blankets and a heating pad, or had your red bloodcells count go so low you required several blood transfusions maybe don't be so judgemental. And if you did and still dragged yourself to functions, good (or bad?) for you, but do not expect this from a person who is not you.