William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales


Jun 8, 2007

This outfit is one of my very faves on Kate. Love the color, love the cut, love the hat. Let’s do more state visits!!

She is just STUNNING. Love that dress and that’s my all-time fave tiara.
That is my fave tiara also. Looks fabulous on her.

Wowzee to all the beautiful ladies.

This, though, may cause some more unhappiness with the overseas people.

Totally agree with this fellow - makes perfect sense. (But I hope an addition to make the list 6, and not to remove Edward. I feel badly for him that it seems he will not become Duke of Edinburgh as his parents thought.). I feel like he and Sophie have really stepped up and are working hard and I hope there is a way to recognize that. (Correct me if I have that wrong - my Yankee brain scrambles titles badly!)

And you are sooo right - hope the Harkles have a secret reserve set of dinnerware in a closet or something because plates.will.fly if Catherine gets onto the list!