Will YSL repair your bag even if you bought it from a Dept store?

  1. I'm asking because I'm thinking of buying the YSL muse and I'm hearing complaints about the threading coming loose and I'd like to at least know I can get it repaired if that happens.
  2. Why don't you call the boutique and ask them. I wish I could give you better info.
  3. You can go back to the dept store you bought it from if there are any problems with the bag. They will assist you in getting it fixed.
  4. I actually went to the YSL store to ask and the SA told me that only the ones you bought from the store itself will get a free repair. If you bought yours from dept stores then you will have to pay but they do take in repairs for all ysl. I hope this helps.
  5. Aww, darn. Thanks though.
  6. I bought a ysl 2 yrs ago from Nordstroms..they sent it directly to ysl for me for repairs, no charge...
  7. Actually, I JUST brought my YSL Muse to the YSL store for a repair (I got ink on it). I bought it in Bergdorf Goodman. Regardless of where you purchased it, they DON'T ACTUALLY DO REPAIRS THERE. They send them out to a third party NOT affiliated w/YSL. They gave me the name of 2 NYC services they use.
  8. How much was your repair and what places did they recommend? Im about to purchase a preowned Muse and I may have to have the base fixed up a little bit